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Cloud Computing

Smooth Transition to the Cloud & Taking Control of your Network

Achieve a unified cloud management system to secure, simplify & visualize your entire network. This includes network security, network optimization and virtual management software.

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Enterprise WiFi

High-speed Wireless Network Technology for Enterprise

Meet the demanding requirements of internal & external network isolation, the division of authority & employees’ internet activity management.

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Location-Based Marketing

Deliver Relevant Messages to Your Target Market

Use your wireless network as a marketing tool. Connect with your audience at the right time & place to drive interaction & maximize your app revenue.

Welcome to Cloud9 Holdings

Next Generation Services for Cloud Computing, Enterprise Wi-Fi & Location-Based Marketing
IoT & Wireless Connectivity

More & more devices are becoming connected resulting in a need for increased cloud computing services, unified network management & network security.

Internet Access Management

Simplified & Visualized Internet User Management & Security has become a vital platform for most businesses as more and more business-critical applications have been deployed over the Internet.

Network / WAN Optimization

WANO (Wan Optimization) eliminates redundant data transmission that occupies up to 95% of WAN traffic, delivering cached data at LAN speed. Improve user experience with Application Acceleration. 

Virtualization & Management

Virtual Management Software VMS allows you to build a dynamic & flexible server cluster environment and a virtual machine for unified management and control of your entire network.